Ironing Board Covers

Taking care of your wardrobe can be time consuming, especially when it comes to ironing clothes; it's easy to let the ironing get backed up, which makes wrinkles and creases even more difficult to remove. Get ahead of your ironing and make garment care easier when you equip yourself with the proper tools. A good quality ironing board is essential, and the right ironing board cover can make a big difference in both results and ease of operation. You'll want to begin with a pad, which prevents the ironing board itself from leaving an impression on the article you are pressing; top the pad with an iron board cover that fits snugly and securely on the board. The cover should be stain resistant and scorch resistant; a heat reflective replacement pad helps to speed ironing as the heat is reflected back into the article being pressed. Browse our selection to find options including a tabletop or small ironing board cover, an extra wide ironing board cover or an ironing board pad.