Wine Decanters, Aerators & More

Whether you are a wine aficionado or simply interested in trying new wines, a wine decanter is an excellent addition to your wine collection. When you decant wine you allow it to unfold slowly; the bouquet opens up so you can enjoy all of the nuances and dimension of the wine. This allows you to enjoy both new and old vintages, plus it is a good way to sample wines without being influenced by the bottle or name on the label. Pressed for time? A wine aerator accelerates the process and opens up the wine so you can experience the bouquet without waiting for the wine to breathe; contact between the wine and the oxygen from air brings out the wonderful aromas and flavors. A wine carafe or decanter adds a touch of elegance to your table or bar and makes a beautiful wedding, anniversary or special occasion gift. A whiskey or wine decanter set is a thoughtful addition to your collection and an essential entertaining aid.