Sizing Up Your Table

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Choosing the proper size and shape of a tablecloth is pretty simple. Here are the most common shaped cloths and details for proper sizing. Keep in mind a tablecloth should have an 8-10 inch "drop". To select the right size cloth, add 16-20 inches to the actual length and width of your table. Use the guide below to help figure out which size and shape will be the perfect fit for your table.

*Please Note: Oversized cloths will be 70" in width and may only be available in certain styles.

  Shape Size Fits Table Size Seating
Square Square 52" x 52" 25"x28" to 40"x40" 4
Oblong Oblong 52" x 70"
60" x 84"
28"x46" to 40"x54"
36"x60" to 48"x72"
Oval Oval 60" x 102"
60" x 120"
60" x 144"
36"x74" to 48"x90"
36"x94" to 48"x104"
36"x118" to 48"x130"
*If you cannot find an oval cloth in the pattern selected, you can use an oblong size. *Oval not available in all styles.
Round Round 70"
25" to 60" diameter
60" to 78" diameter