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Advances in PERSONAL CARE products for hair, skin, teeth, nails, and even relaxation keep us looking and feeling our best at all times. But with so many products out there, it’s sometimes overwhelming trying to decipher what products to use, and what they are even used for. Here we help identify all the wonderful options of these products for you to use.

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Also called Electric Razors, men’s shavers differ from women’s shavers, in that each are designed specifically for the type of hair and areas they are intended for. Many features, however, are found in both types of shavers. Here are some popular features to look for.

Men’s Shavers

Rotary, Foil Cutting or Integral Systems

These are the three common types of cutting systems found on shavers. Which type you choose is based on personal preference. Rotary cutting systems, (aka lift & cut) trap the hair first, lift the hair from the skin and then the blade cuts the hair. Foil Cutting Systems are designed with a shaver screen to capture hairs growing in different directions while the underneath blades cut the hair in a single stroke. Integral Systems are multi stage. They first cut longer hairs while a separate blade cuts hard to shave hairs.

Shaver Heads

Floating heads are found on rotary systems and have multiple round heads or touch sensitive foils. A Pivoting head is found in Foil Cutting or Rotary Systems and is a single head that pivots from side to side. Heads with Spring Action allow the head to go up and down and conform to the face. All Floating Heads have Spring Action, while some Pivoting Heads have Spring Action.

Trimmer Attachments

Excellent for different types of hair, such as sideburns, moustaches and beards so you don’t need to purchase a separate trimmer.

Lotion or Gel Dispensers

A unique feature in which shaving lotion or gel is dispensed as you shave, to minimize shaving irritation and to give a wet shave feeling.


These types of shavers are for use in and out of the shower.

Charging System

Allows for cordless shaving. Charging times vary by vendor/product. Also look for QUICK CHARGE, which usually supplies enough charge for one shave.

LED indicator or LCD Display

To indicate charging/battery time. Generally seen as an illuminated display.

Worldwide Voltage

A must-have for any traveler. Ensures easy charging and shaving from any location.

Automatic Self Clean

A cleaning solution provided with your self cleaning shaver, which is usually alcohol based and is part of the shaving system. Allows for hands-free cleaning without having to dismantle the shaver. Many shavers can also be rinsed under water for a quick cleaning.

Water Resistant

These types of shavers are for use in the shower. Not recommended for full immersion in water.

Use and Care

The cutting system of your razor should be replaced every 18 months. To protect against irritation replace conditioning refills every 2-4 weeks, while cleaning refills should be replaced every 4-8 weeks. All other shavers should be rinsed off after each use.

Women’s Shavers


These types of shavers are for use in and out of the shower.

Contoured Design

This style blade hugs curves for a close shave. Also look for NON-SLIP GRIPS for easy handling.


Considered a hair removal system, as opposed to a shaving system. Removes hair at the root, reducing the need for frequent hair removal or shaving.

Use and Care

The cutting system of your razor should be replaced every 18 months. To protect against irritation replace conditioning refills every 2-4 weeks, while cleaning refills should be replaced every 4-8 weeks. All other shavers should be rinsed off after each use.


For all types of hair, there are all types of trimmers. The most common ones found are Beard/Moustache trimmers and Nose/Ear hair trimmers. Each has their own special features to look for, to match the needs the trimmer is meant for.

Beard/Moustache Trimmers

Pivoting Head

The head of the trimmer pivots for easy access to hard to reach areas and facial contours.

Hair Length Adjustment

For easy shaping of beards and other facial hair.

Attachment Combs

These combs can be attached directly to the trimmer for blending, tapering and trimming of beards and other facial hair.

Nose/Ear Hair Trimmers

Most Nose/Ear hair trimmers run on AA batteries, and some can be used for eyebrow trimming.

Circular/Rotary System

This trimmer has a circular action that effectively trims along the inside of the nose wall.


Allows heads to be rinsed under water for easy cleaning. Not all models offer a wet/dry option.

Hair Appliances

Got a frizzy head? Does your feathery hair fall too flat? The more you know about your hair appliances, the better you can solve these simple beauty problems.

Types of Heating Technology

Iconic Technology

Negative ions reduce the size of water droplets on your hair, allowing more water to be absorbed and your hair to dry quicker. This kind of technology neutralizes positive charges in your hair by counteracting it with negative ions. This counteraction reduces “frizzies” caused by static electricity. At the same time, moisture is being sealed into your hair, resulting in shinier, smoother hair. 

Tourmaline Technology

Within these hair dryers, the heater is constructed of Tourmaline. Tourmaline, a precious stone, generates up to six times more negative ions.The extra negative ions, along with gentle far infrared heat, guarantee soft, smooth, frizz-free silky hair without heat damage. What’s more, hair tools with Tourmaline technology heat up faster and reach professional temperatures for more effective straightening and curling. 

Ceramic Technology

Within ceramic hair dryers, the heater and motor are constructed of ceramic coils which emit far infrared heat, resulting in less damage and locking in moisture as they evenly heat the hair. Essentially, these tools will give you more heat with a faster drying time.


Also look for products made with Nanotechnology, which use the unique properties of ceramic and silver to create smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair. Nanotechnology also makes a styling tool more durable. Hair dryers that sport Tourmaline ceramic technology are also available. Tourmaline ceramic heating elements involve the fusing together of a gem stone and a ceramic element to produce the ultimate release of conditioning negative ions with the added bonus of having a faster styling time.

Types of Infrared Heat

Far Infrared Heat

This type of heat penetrates the hair from the inside out, locking in moisture and resulting in smooth, shiny, soft hair without the “frizz.” Professional quality styling tools use this type of heat.

Near Infrared Heat

This type heats hair from the outside and does not penetrate the hair shaft, typically resulting in dry, frizzy hair. Traditional styling tools use this type of heat.

Hair Dryers

Today’s hair dryers come with many features for convenience, ease of use and of course, styling any type of hair.

Types of Motors

AC Motor

AC stands for alternating current. This type of motor will allow the user to choose from different heat settings ranging from low to high. The thicker and harder the hair is to straighten, the higher the recommended heat; the thinner and more delicate the hair, the lower the recommended heat setting.

DC Motor

DC stands for direct current. This type of motor has increased airflow and higher temperatures. It reaches temperatures similar to those of professional units used in salons. Using a DC motor will achieve a faster drying time as well.

Hair Dryer Accessories and Features


Common attachments for hair dryers include: Diffusers for permed or naturally wavy hair, they maintain curls without frizzing. Concentrator nozzles provide precise drying. Volumizers lift and separate hair for height and volume.

Cold Shot Button

Shoots a burst of cold air to lock styles in place.

Removable Filter

Detaches for quick and easy cleaning to maintain your dryer’s performance.

Retractable Cord

Cord retracts into handle with the push of a button. Great for traveling, easy storage and safety.

Folding Handle

Handle folds underneath the barrel of the dryer, making it ideal for storage and traveling.

Dual Voltage

Contains both 120 and 240 Volt systems, for convenient plug-in usage for world travelers.

Immersion Shock Protection

A safety plug that protects against electric shock if a hair dryer falls in the water.

Curling Irons/Hair Straighteners/Hair Setters

Curly, straight, wavy, relaxed – your hair can have it all! But first thing’s first…get to know your heating elements!

Heat Settings

Depending on your hair type and personal preferences, be sure to pay attention to available heat settings on different models.

Adjustable Heat Setting

This type simply allows the user to choose from different heat settings ranging from low to high. The thicker and harder the hair is to style, the higher the recommended heat setting; the thinner and more delicate the hair, the lower the recommended heat setting.

Constant Heat

Some straighteners and curlers will maintain a consistent temperature for continuous straightening. Tourmaline and ceramic units maintain a constant heat and also heat quickly.

Fixed Heat Setting

These types of units will maintain only one heat setting, reaching a maximum temperature as stated on the packaging. The higher the maximum temperature, the longer the lasting results.


One of the most valuable features you can benefit from is the AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF feature. This feature automatically shuts the unit off after a specific amount of time or after a long time of inactivity. This time will vary depending on the product. No matter what the heat setting, this is a great safety and energy-saving feature.

Curling Iron Features

Cool Tip

An area at the tip of the barrel that stays cool. Allows for easy and safe handling of the iron.

Barrel Size

Measures the circumference of the barrel. The larger the barrel, the larger the curl.

Power Indicator Light

Lets you know when the iron is in use, and therefore, hot.

Ready Dot

Indicates when iron is heated and ready for use.

Hair Straighteners

Uniform Heat Recovery

Maintains a constant temperature for even styling.

Steam Action

Gentle steam that is released to add moisture while straightening.


Interchangeable style plates that attach to the basic tool. Each plate creates its own style.

Floating Plates

Allows for a straighter result as the plates create a tighter closure on the hair section being straightened.

Power Indicator Light

Lets you know when the iron is in use, and therefore, hot.

Hair Setters (a.k.a. Hot Rollers, Electric Rollers and Curl Setters)

Instant Heat

Unit quickly heats up for immediate use of setters.

Cool Touch End Caps

Ends of setters stay cool for comfortable and safe handling.

Ready Dot

Indicates when setters are heated and ready for use.

Start Clip

Small clip that holds the end of your hair in place as you start to roll.

Styling Clip

Holds your hair in place once it’s rolled.

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Foot Spas

When you relax your feet, you relax your entire body. Today’s foot spas, whether with or without water, offer convenience and comfort for whatever your needs may be. Look for these relaxing options.

Infrared Heat Therapy

Provides soothing heat therapy to the soles of your feet. Also look for a VIBRATING PLATFORM in foot massagers that don’t use water to place your feet upon.


Foot spas in which water is delivered as bubbling and/or through a water jet to alleviate stress and tension. Will also maintain the temperature of the water added.


Parts that can be used in conjunction with the water, and some without. They target specific areas of the foot, such as sole and arch massager attachments, as well as provide grooming options, such as loofah, buffing and scrubbing brush attachments.

Bath Spas

Turn your bathtub into a home spa. Get a massage as you bathe. Here are some popular bath spas available today.

Massaging Bath Mat

This is a soft mat that is affixed along the bottom of a bathtub. It fills the tub with tiny bubbles while it simultaneously massages. Look for features to include speed settings, timer settings and a water resistant remote control.

Massaging Bath Pillow

Cordless, waterproof and attaches to the tub with suction cups. Provides a penetrating massage while supporting your back and neck. May include speed settings.

Jet Spa

Secures to the side of the tub with suction cups or a bracket. Creates swirls of water, mimicking a whirlpool experience. Features may include speed settings and moveable jets.

Back Massagers

Whether you’re sitting in your living room or your desk at work, you can enjoy the relaxing and stress relieving benefits of a back massager.

Chushions and Mats

They can attach to a chair and plug into an outlet. Cushions target the back area, while mats can target up to the entire body. Many have heat settings as well as massage settings, including motor speed, massage styles and zones.

Hand Held

For use anywhere, these massagers usually have vibrating, wave or percussion action. Features may include pivoting heads, speed control, and massage styles. Massage head attachments, such as soft, medium, hard and heat, may be included.

Pillow Massagers

Are pillows with massaging action and in some instances provide heat options, so you can target specific areas such as your neck and shoulders.

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Not all mirrors are created equal, so choosing the proper mirror to fit your needs is very important. Magnification, illumination and style are all contributing factors to finding the perfect mirror, so look for these important features.


Magnification can range from one to twenty times and will be listed on the mirror. As the magnification increases, the size of the reflection increases. Five times magnification is great for makeup application, while ten times magnification is perfect for tweezing, as well as helpful to those with impaired vision. There are also mirror styles available with no magnification, as well as double sided mirrors that will either have one side magnified and one side non-magnified or a different level of magnification on each side, both styles of which offer multiple uses.

Note that there is no industry standard for labeling magnification. Always compare magnification differences between models from the same manufacturer. Higher magnification mirrors are more expensive because the process to create them is more complicated. The glass needs to bend more to achieve the higher magnification, which is a process that adds to the manufacturing cost.


Certain models of mirrors have lighting built in to the mirror, and the style of lighting can vary as outlined below. Take into consideration that mirrors with illumination around the entire mirror will be less likely to cause shadowing.


Produces a warm, indoor-like light and some heat while in use.


Produces a cool, outdoor-like light that gives off less heat than incandescent lighting when in use. Fluorescent bulbs have a longer bulb life and are more energy efficient.

Variable Illumination Settings

Found on some models, variable illumination settings allow you to switch the illumination to mimic various lighting styles, such as evening, home, office and day light.

Regardless of which type of illumination your mirror offers—fluorescent, incandescent/halo, or variable illumination settings—replacement bulbs are generally available.

Mirror Style


These mirrors are attached to a pedestal and can be moved easily to any location. Some may have an adjustable height or telescoping pedestal.

Wall Mount/Extension

A wall mount/extension mirror attaches directly to the wall with an extendable arm, allowing the mirror to be adjusted to a comfortable position. This is a great space saving solution for small bathrooms.

Fog Free Mirrors

A fog free mirror can be used both in and out of the shower, and is ideal for shaving while showering. Designed to be shatterproof and scratch resistant, some are made from fog resistant acrylic, while others use the warmth of the shower water running through the back of the mirror to keep it fog-free.

Facial Spas

In a few minutes your skin can be free of impurities, refreshed and renewed with a healthy glow, right in the comfort of your own home. Easily moveable, facial spas provide the beautification and cleansing qualities your skin needs.

Warm Steam Mist Spas

Opens and clears facial pores, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed, smoothed and refreshed. A container is used to fill the spa chamber with water. Cones attach to the unit to focus on specific areas, such as the face and sinuses. An important safety feature, the automatic shut off, shuts the facial spa off after the maximum treatment time has been reached.


Another system to rejuvenate your facial skin. These come with a variety of brushes that attach to a hand-held high frequency vibration tool. Systems generally include adjustable power levels, brushes, scrubbing and moisturizing lotions, and are corded or run on batteries.


Use the tools salons use for perfect nails and beautiful skin. Easy and convenient nail systems allow you to keep your nails looking their absolute best, while saving time and money by not having to make frequent visits to the nail salon. Manicure/Pedicure systems are rechargeable, corded or run on batteries, so choose what works best for you.


Can consist of any or all of the following: Coarse and fine filing/smoothing discs, shaping discs, cuticle shapers, polishing discs and cones, callus removers, pointed stones and cones and/or sapphire cones.

Hot Lotion

Anyone who has had a manicure knows the best part is the hot lotion hand massage. Now you can bring home the benefits of hot lotion and give your skin the softest, silkiest feel ever. Place your favorite lotion in the dispenser, and within minutes it’s heated to perfection!

Key Features

Look for an automatic shut off function, and a unit with temperature controls. Most reservoirs are removable and dishwasher safe. Many can hold an entire 16 oz. bottle of lotion.


Who knew wax could be so therapeutic? Paraffin wax soothes, softens and hydrates your hands, feet and elbows while rejuvenating sore muscles and joints with relaxing heat therapy. So warm it up and dip your hands or feet in.

Auto Timer

Allows you to set your paraffin wax unit to turn on ahead of time so the wax is ready when you are.

Temperature Control

Lets you choose the heating level for sensitive skin.

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Electric Toothbrushes

Get ready to transform your smile! Plaque (which is the main cause of gum disease and cavities) can be removed easier, faster and more efficiently with an electric toothbrush, than with a regular toothbrush. If you have these problems, this item is a necessity, and if you don’t want to have dental problems it can be a very effective prevention tool. Look for these commonly found features.


“Sonic” action is a high speed bristle motion that creates a vigorous cleaning action to clean the surface of the teeth. This motion allows the fluids created to be directed between the teeth and below the gum line. The Sonic movement is up to 100 times faster than manual brushing.


This refers to the rate at which the brush head moves back and forth or spins. The higher the speed, the more advanced the cleaning capability and stain removal. Some models have an easy start feature that gently increases the brushing power over time for those concerned that the high speeds may be too much for their sensitive gums.


Pulsation, which is an “in and out” motion of the brush, is usually combined with oscillating toothbrushes. Pulsation allows the toothbrush to reach deep between the teeth to remove more plaque than just the rotating alone. It is about 30 times faster than manual brushing.


Since the brush should be used for a minimum of two minutes to achieve maximum results, a timer lets you know how long to brush. Some models will beep or pause every thirty seconds to indicate that it is time to move to the next quadrant in your mouth; others will automatically turn off after two minutes of use. Programmable interval timers allow you to increase the brushing cycle in 30 second increments in order to focus on cleaning specific areas.

Brush Head

Brush heads vary in size and shape, and it is important to consider what style would work best for you and your family’s needs. Smaller heads will be easier to maneuver to reach difficult spots. Family models may include colored rings or color coded brush heads to identify each individual brush. Brushes are replaceable and can be purchased separately as needed. Many brushes have color indicator bristles that fade over time, letting you know it is time to change the brush head.


Keep in mind that if you are not accustomed to using an Electric Toothbrush, you should consider a model with an “easy start” feature. This feature gradually increases the speed with the initial 12 uses to allow you to acclimate to the cleaning motion.


Proven to be as effective as manual flossing, an automatic flosser uses thousands of “strokes” per minute with a single nylon filament to make flossing fast, easy and convenient. Found in both rechargeable and battery operated models, flossers are ideal for crowns, braces and bridgework.

Oral Irrigators

Also known as a Water Pik, an Oral Irrigator helps wash away plaque by-products that brushing and flossing can miss. Using water, mouthwash or antibacterial rinses, it delivers thousands of pulses per minute to flush food debris from those hard to reach areas, such as below the gum line and between teeth.

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