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If you’re like most people, you’ll own your living room furniture for seven to 10 years—so you want to make choices you won’t regret. These smart tips on sofas, sectionals, and loveseats will help you find the best pieces to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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A sofa, loveseat or sectional is usually the major focal point in a living room, and each offers a comfy spot for your family and guests. To pin down the right pick, think about which one will meet your entertaining needs and work best in the room. Here's a quick primer on each.

Standard Sofa Image

Standard Sofa

A standard sofa is typically six to eight feet long and comes with three seat cushions to accommodate three adults. Some sofas come with two large seat cushions instead, or one seat cushion that fits the length of the sofa. Certain models even have a section that functions like a recliner.

Sleeper Sofa Image

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are equipped with a lightweight mattress that pulls out to make a sofa bed. If you are buying a sofa bed, know it will be heavier than a regular sofa, and make sure you test that the “bed” mechanism functions smoothly.

Loveseat Image


A loveseat is similar to a sofa but smaller (generally five to six feet long). It has two seat cushions, and can accommodate two adults. A loveseat can take the place of a sofa in a small living room, although an average-size adult would find it difficult to nap or recline on one.

Sectional Image


Sectionals generally range from nine to fourteen feet long, and the larger sized ones can seat up to six adults. They come in a variety of seating components and can be arranged to fit any layout. The most common sectional includes three modular units: One three-cushion “sofa” module, one two-cushion “loveseat” module, and one small, “armless chair” corner module.

Additional Sectional Pieces

It’s a myth that you need a large room to accommodate a sectional. Actually, sectionals can be a good pick for smaller rooms when you want to be able to seat more people within that limited space. Conversely, sectionals can also help round out more spacious rooms such as a family-sized entertainment area.

Before buying a sectional, it’s important to have a detailed floor-plan sketch so that you know if you can set it up as one continuous unit or if you will use the pieces in different spots in your living room.

Armless Chaise Illustration

Armless Chaise

Corner Chaise Illustration

Corner Chaise

Armed Chaise Illustration

Armed Chaise*

Can be right or left armed

Armless Chair Illustration

Armless Chair

Armless Loveseat Illustration

Armless Loveseat

Armed chair Illustration

Armed Chair*

Can be right or left armed

Armed Loveseat Illustration

Armed Loveseat*

Can be right or left armed