Buying Guide to Bath Spas


Buying Guide to Bath Spas

6 Things to Know Before You Buy

Enjoying the soothing effects of a jetted tub is possible in any bathtub with a bath spa. These portable, electric devices are immersed in the water and emit relaxing bubbles of varying intensities while also heating the water. Knowing the capabilities of these devices, which are designed to provide relief from muscle pain and stress, will help you choose the ideal bath spa.

Fact #1: Types

Two main types of bath spas exist. The first are mat-style bath spa units designed to be sat on or wrapped around the body, such as the shoulders, back and legs. Such underwater devices, which offer a soothing bubble massage, are similar to dry neck and shoulder massagers.

The other type of bath spa is a jet or whirlpool style that is essentially a portable spa motor. You attach the device to the side of the bathtub and it pumps heated air bubbles into the water in a similar manner to a jetted tub.

Fact #2: Speeds

Bath spas generally feature various speeds, which enables you to customize your bath spa experience. Mat-style bath spas feature varying bubble intensities, such as low, medium and high. Whirlpool-style spas generally offer a powerful jetting action and a gentle bubbling sensation.

Fact #3: Power safety

Bath spas operate on DC12V low voltage, which is safe for the human body, and the devices feature long power lines, so you can plug in across the room. Bath spas also possess ALCI (Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter) technology, which is designed for safety.

Fact #4: Adjustable

Mat-style bath spas are easily moved around the bathtub and can be placed on various areas of the body, including the feet. Some whirlpool models have adjustable jets that can be manipulated so that they hit various areas of the body where you require relief from pain and discomfort.

Fact #5: Heating capability

Mat-style bath spas feature a built-in heating unit that keeps the tub warm, so you don't have to add hot water.

Fact #6: Easy to hang

Jet-style bath spas feature heavy-duty suction cups that grip the side of the bathtub, keeping the bath spa in place.

Now that you know how easy it is to turn your bathtub into a rejuvenating and relaxing spa, you can get busy turning your bathroom into an at home spa.

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