Buying Guide to Garlic Press


Buying Guide to Garlic Press

7 Things to Know Before You Buy

While you love the taste of garlic, finely chopping each clove is a time consuming event that unfortunately leaves your fingers smelling just as fragrant as your meal. Enter the garlic press: this handy kitchen gadget purees nature's stinking rose with one squeeze. It takes mere seconds to use and keeps your hands odor-free. But before you invest in your very own press, keep these must know facts in mind.

Fact #1: It's a Single Service Gadget

Yes, a garlic press can only be used for garlic. If you rarely use garlic (and already have a kitchen drawer full of single-service gadgets) this may not be a wise investment. But if you can't get enough of the stinky stuff, then it's probably high time you garnered a press of your very own.

Fact #2: Pressing Garlic Changes Its Taste

An old wives tale? Or a cooking truth believed by chefs around the world? Actually some chef's believe pressed garlic ups its potency -- a downside for those who like only a hint of flavor. That said, pureeing your garlic rather than chopping it means there's no chance you'll end up biting into a chunk as you eat your meal.

Fact #3: A Press Means Never Having to Peel the Garlic Yourself

Simply stick the whole clove in the hopper and press. The piston forces the garlic through the grid, leaving the peel behind in the hopper.

Fact #4: You Can Crush More Than One Clove At a Time

While garlic presses are single service, they don't have to be single serving. It's possible to purchase a press with a hopper big enough to fit several cloves at one time. The question is: do you have the muscle power it takes to crush that much garlic in a single squeeze?

Fact #5: Not All Presses Are Dishwasher Safe

Some need to be scrubbed by hand, others have a removable screen so you can at least place the body of the press in the dishwasher. If washing dishes the old fashioned way isn't on your list of things you enjoy post-cooking, check the label to make sure you can throw the whole gadget in the dishwasher.

Fact #6: A High-quality Press Will Last Longer

Yes, we're well aware that this statement could ring true for just about any kitchen gadget. However, a garlic press is one item that's subjected to repeated pressure, meaning it's especially susceptible to breakage. Look for a press constructed from a trusted metal like stainless steel, rather than one fashioned from plastic.

Fact #7: A Good Grip Is a Must

The point of a press is that it makes dealing with garlic easier. That means it should have a no-slip grip that's easy to control.