Sizing Up Your Bathroom


Bathroom in need of a change? Our sizing guide is your starting point. If you are a first-timer or an old-timer when it comes to decorating your bathroom, our sizing guide can help you find the measurements you’ll need to help in any bathroom makeover.

Shower Curtains

A necessity to keep the water from running out of the tub! Two sizes are most prevalent:


70 x 70 inches. Most curtains will come in this size, and should accommodate your shower perfectly. Some curtains may be slightly wider or longer to give a more pleated, decorative effect.



Stall shower curtains measure 54 x 78 inches.


Bath Rugs

Double vanity or single, master bath or powder room, you must measure your bathroom floor to ensure you select the right size rug. Here are some of the most common sizes, although be aware, not all sizes are available in all styles:

17 x 24 inches

A small size perfect for in front of a pedestal sink, or even to step out onto from the shower.


21 x 34 inches

A nice size to place outside your tub.


24 x 60 inches

Commonly referred to as a runner. Great for along a double vanity.


27 x 45 inches

For use in large areas.


There is also a tubmat size rug, as well as a contour rug, tank cover and lid cover for the toilet. Some manufacturers make a wall to wall size which can be cut down to your bathroom's specifications. Wall to wall rugs are generally 5 x 6 feet or 5 x 8 feet.


Wrapping yourself in a thick, oversized bath towel is one of life’s little luxuries. Towels come in many sizes, and making certain you have that perfect oversized bath towel will always be important. Since manufacturers may vary their towel size specifications slightly, these dimensions are an approximate measurement and may not be exact to every towel line.

Bath Sheet

35 x 60 inches


Bath Towel

27 x 52 inches to 30 x 58 inches


Hand Towel

16 x 30 inches


Wash Cloth

13 x 13 inches



11 x 18 inches


Tub Mat

22 x 34 inches