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Top that Toast Card Game

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Top that Toast Card Game is a fun game that celebrates the beauty of human expression by encouraging players to share their toasts with the most. Hundreds of topics provide plenty of fodder for an unforgettable exchange of words, wisdom, and wit.

  • Recommended for ages 18 years and up
  • For 3-20 players
  • Players take turns attempting to top toasts over hundreds of topics like "bucket list item," "craziest family member," and "the biggest risk you've taken,"
  • Basic rules:
    • The Facilitoaster begins the round by drawing a Tone Card, which determines the tone or style of the toast (some examples include "Humor," "Sincere," "Tearjerker," and "Roast")
    • All other players respond by submitting a Topic Card, face-down on the table
    • The Facilitoaster then reads the Topic Cards aloud and chooses the Topic Card that, in his or her opinion, best matches the Tone Card and deserves to be toasted
    • The player who submitted that Topic Card then delivers a toast and thereby wins a Tone Card for that round
  • Includes:
    • 50 Tone Cards
    • 200 Topic Cards
  • Imported