Wedding Registry Checklist

Print this list before you register to stay organized as you select items. It'll help ensure that your registry is thorough, comprehensive and easy for your guests to shop from. Or, if you've already registered, use it to double-check for items you may have forgotten. (Chances are, you'll find something you missed!)

Make your registry experience fun and stress-free

Fine Dining

One place setting equals one person. Get enough for each of your friends, family and guests for your biggest dinner party or holiday dinner. That's at least 12 place settings.

Fine Dining - Dinnerware


12 each:



Fine Dining- Serveware


Fine Dining- Table Linens

Table Linens

Fine Dining - Formal Flatware

Formal Flatware

12 each:



Fine Dining - Crystal Drinkware

Crystal Drinkware

12 each:

Fine Dining- Giftware


Fine Dining Keepsakes


Casual Dining

Do the math. Boxed sets contain 4 place settings. Two people eat two meals and, presto, you're out of clean dishes. Add two or three sets to your list and wash dishes less often.

Casual Dining - Dinnerware


12 each:



Casual Dining- Glassware

Casual Glassware

two to three boxed sets or 8–12 each:

Casual Dining- Casual Flatware

Casual Flatware

two to three boxed sets or 8–12 each:



Casual Dining - Table Linens

Table Linens


A well-equipped kitchen usually starts with a 10 to 14-piece cookware set. Then add all the specialized items for the way you like to eat, cook and bake.

Kitchen - Cookware




Kitchen- Cutlery




Kitchen- Bakeware




Kitchen- Basics


Kitchen- Electrics



Why three sets of bed linens? One set on your bed. One set in the laundry. And one in the linen closet. The same arithmetic applies to guest and children's rooms too.

Bedding - Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

3 each:



Bedding - Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

3 each:




You'll need three towels for each of you. There's the one you used this morning. One on the shelf. And, one in the laundry. That's six towels. Four for your guest room should handle the job.

Bathroom - Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Bathroom - Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Bathroom- Personal Care

Personal Care

Home & Travel

There are scores of cleaning, convenience and decor items to register for, too. Sure, they're not as glamorous as your fine china, but there're things every household needs.

Home & Travel- Décor


Home & Travel - Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning & Laundry

Home & Travel- Seasonal


Home & Travel - Luggage


Exciting life events call for celebrations, and celebrations call for gifts. At you can create the perfect gift registry using our printable wedding registry checklist. It's a handy tool that will help guide the way. Check the items you'd like to register for before printing. Browse through our huge selection of top wedding registry items before adding your favorites to your registry. Guests can use the registry search feature to access your wedding registry at any time; so can your family and friends as they shop for wedding gifts. Our registry experts can help you with the registry checklist, and you’ll find additional guides and advice online.

You're ready to begin your Registry –– but you don't have to make all of your selections at once. Start with the basics. Then add or change items in any Bed Bath & Beyond® store, online or at 1–800–GO BEYOND®

This is a general guideline –– what you need or want may vary.
For best results, consult with one of our expert registry consultants.