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AeroGarden™ Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed AeroGarden Pods Kit

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Ease of Use

Most Helpful Positive Review

Terrific if for those with disabilities

Tynkrbel.4 years ago

I bought 3 harvest in the red because I thought they would be something that my husband who had a massive stroke could participate in. He was able to plant all the pods, add nutrients etc with his good hand. Besides the benefits of fresh greens, there is also the joy of having a life affirming activity to look forward to each day! Be careful...they are addictive!

Most Helpful Critical Review

Are you kidding??

MadisIya.4 years ago
Not Recommended

This was my Christmas gift to myself. I could not have been more excited about gardening on my counter top. I even brought extra pod collections for all of the gardening I was going to do. Five of the six pods germinated, grew fully past the highest point of the lamp and then without blooming tomatoes, DIED!!!! A waste of my time and money!!!!


|2 years ago
We are sorry that your seed pod didn't germinate as expected. Remember we do have a 21-day germination guarantee where we replace any seed pods if they don't sprout. Please email our customer service team for a replacement and ensure your garden is functioning prop...

customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 1225 reviews

Great product

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 8 months ago

Very easy to set up and maintain. Love watching everything grow so fast.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Highly recommend!!

I Jones . 8 months ago

I love growing my own veggies… this makes it so easy. The veggies are so fresh and keeps growing. The small investment is nothing if you love fresh home grown veggies.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

AeroGarden Harvest - pretty much satisfied.

Mad329 . 8 months ago

We really like the aerogarden however it would be nice if there was a tad more space between the pods and if the light could be adjusted to a taller height. We selected the herb pods when we purchased. The basil, dill, and parsley did very well. Thyme took a while to sprout. Unfortunately the mint never came up (my husband was looking forward to that one). All in all we’re happy with the purchase.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Good For One Round Only

benson . 8 months ago

I had this gifted to me during Christmas of 2020. The planter was phenomenal until I tried to switch out my plants. After unplugging it to clean it, only half the lights would turn back on. Customer service was able to send me a new garden, but the new garden has done the same exact thing. After 2 years, I've only been able to grow one round of plants for each system. Great short term product but don't buy if you want to have plants more than a few months.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

One Just isnt enough

Mike Lurr . 8 months ago

Have used smaller version w/ excellent results, however my unit was taken over by my wife resulting in a 3 aero family. And yes we are very pleased w/ performance.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

6 pod unit.

MissGoodie . 8 months ago

Lettuce grows amazing fast and is delicious. Thyme not so well, but dill and basil are lovely.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Easiest Garden Ever

TDawg . 9 months ago

Easiest garden I've ever had! I'm enjoying fresh lettuce every day. No bunnies, no bugs, easy to use. The machine tells you when to add water and food. All you have to do is give them a little CO2 when you talk to them. Works wonders!

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

I would like to get a salad mix with just butter l

B gibson . 9 months ago

I would like to get a salad mix with just butter lettuce than that it works great

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

AeroGarden Harvest

Deb H . 9 months ago

Bought this system as I am unable to grow tomatoes outside because of chipmunks! I am happy that I have tomatoes that are now turning red! Fun and pretty much a no-brainer system to operate!

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Easy and fun

Debbie . 9 months ago

Fun and easy to grow in your kitchen. Love to watch things grow daily. I have a 3 pod and 6 pod. Love them.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Awesome.. in awe

Therese . 9 months ago

Be sure you have enough room height wise as they’re growing really high and still sprouting new flowers to pollenate.. amazing!!

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

A “Jack in the Beanstalk” product.

Sal Cal . 9 months ago

We love having herbs readily available. Once the pods start their growth be prepared to rapidly start snipping. Also, watering. The display panel is trustworthy with reminders of maintenance. Great product!

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Aerogargen is Amazing!!

CLevers . 9 months ago

Amazing system..!! I have used it with the seeded pods and bought a seed starter module. The pods were terrific..the dill was fabulous and had the best flavor ..ever. I started tomatoes..cherry and beef steak as well as spinach. All turned out amazing! I bought a system for my daughter!! Highly tecommend this!

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Teresa Means Harvest. Harvest Means I Eat Salad.

Gary J . 9 months ago

I have four (4) AeroGarden Harvests. I've named them Teresa, Seble, Harvey, and Harvey Too. Three are connected to AeroVoirs. (They have names, too, but this isn't about them.) Just now, I have 12 Romaine plants in Seble and Teresa, Bok Choy and Japanese veggies in Harvey Too, and Red Fire Peppers in Harvey, due for a pruning. I love my Harvests. I eat a lot of salads.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Great product

Suecen . 9 months ago

Just an awesome product. I used the seed starter and i have done herbs and tomatoes. It is the greatest. I have also purchased many of the accessories which also work great. I love my Aero's

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

CA Garden

Chuck A . 9 months ago

Units grow as promised with little care and great herbs.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Growing your dinner!

Sharon C . 9 months ago

This is so much fun to watch this grow then snip and eat.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Great while they last

Larry G . 9 months ago

This is my second Aerogarden Harvest. I had the previous one about 15 months so it was out of warranty. The light canopy was starting to fail and the pump stopped cycling automatically. No replacement parts are available. It worked great for me while it worked growing herbs, lettuce, and pentunias but they aren't built to last more than a couple of years. Still, I purchased another one so that tells you something about my experience.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com


Arlene . 9 months ago

Love my gardens so much I have 4. Also Great for starting my outdoor plants

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Fool-proof Growing

Debbie H . 10 months ago

This makes growing plants very easy and fool-proof. It would be nice if the height was adjustable.

LogoOriginally posted on aerogrow.com

Showing 1 - 20 out of 1225 reviews