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BlockAide Curtain Rod Hardware in Pewter

119 Reviews


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119 reviews ·130 ratings


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118 recommendations





    Most Helpful Positive Review

    4 stars because...

    Engineer77.8 years ago

    (1) Nice curtain rods, would like to see them offered in a version that sits closer to the wall, particularly for use with thermal curtains...why you ask? Because heat rises, that's why. (2# 4 stars instead of 5 because the instructions call for a 3/16" drill bit to be used to make the holes for the anchors. A 7/32" bit would be a better size for the cheap plastic anchors that come with this kit. It may seem like I am splitting hairs here, but I drilled all of the holes #for 3 curtain rods, 12 holes) at the recommended 3/16" diameter and every single plastic anchor refused to go into any hole. Gently tapping the anchors with a small ball-peen hammer caused the anchors to immediately buckle. I had to use a 1/4" bit to enlarge the holes. An alternative solution to requiring a 7/32" or 1/4" drill bit would be to provide a plastic anchor that has enough stiffness to be gently tapped into a 3/16" hole. Things like this bug me, plastic anchor selection is not rocket science. Test your product and test the installation procedure before releasing it to the public.

    Most Helpful Critical Review

    Adds layering but defeats wraparound blockout feat

    Handychick.8 years ago
    Not Recommended

    @in-store cash register, rang up with great discount! Looks similar to generic Add-A-Rod, except w/larger diameter hooks bcz Blockaide rods are thicker. For creating layering, this adds double-rod functionality. / However, it really defeats Blockaide's wraparound blocking function. If req'd, center support bracket protrodes the Add Rod several inches from wall (two layers are very close together). Pushed far forward, the end hooks also prevent the main curtain from sliding around and back to the wall (so you can't do a wraparound blockout feature). With little spacing btw layers, grommet curtains didn't work well so now I have to return them. Changing curtains means uninstalling rods & center bracket (i.e., cumbersome... compared to more traditional hardware). Keeping whole set-up but would not do again.

    customer reviews

    Showing 1 - 20 out of 119 reviews

    Lightweight and functional

    Choir Girl . 3 years ago

    It’s light. The rubber feet grips the counter so it doesn’t slip. It’s very easy to clean. It’s a very good cutting board.

    Works great behind my blackout drapes.

    Cat Person . 4 years ago

    Like the way it just hangs behind the curtains. Easy

    Not exactly designed what was on the pictures

    New18 . 4 years ago

    I bought this recently

    Great design! Works well with blackout curtains.

    Teri C . 4 years ago

    Easy to install. I bought 3. Perfect when you don’t want the rod to be a main feature in the room.

    Pretty hold backs

    Alice . 4 years ago

    I like the color and form of these hold backs. They are quite large, but that is perfect for my doublewide blackout curtains made of thick material; all of the cloth actually fits inside. I would not recommend for thin curtains because they would be oversized. The metal is really nice and sturdy.

    Nice curtain rod for blackout curtains

    Alice . 4 years ago

    I am quite happy with this curtain rod in combination with my new blackout curtains. The wrap around design helps a lot with light at the edges. I also really like that the adjustable part is at each side, making the rod more elegant when extended and avoiding the strange typical middle joint. I installed it at a length of just a couple of inches under the maximum recommended which works, but it does seem a bit flimsy in the center even though I used the center support. I wish it was slightly more robust; so far it is working well, but I'm worried that it might warp with time under the weight of the blackout curtains.

    Great rods

    teambell . 4 years ago

    I like the look of the "gas pipe" curtain rods but they were too industrial for my house. These rods are a perfect solution! Easy to install (after learning on the first one). My only complaint is that my box said they would reach to a max length of 52", however, at 48", they sagged in the middle. BB&B, sent me center support brackets at no charge. So, I recommend buying a somewhat larger rod than you think you need to avoid sagging.

    Just what I was looking for

    teambell . 4 years ago

    These rings were just what I needed. It was easy to remove the clip from the ring and hang my drapes with drapery pins for a more custom look.

    Good quality

    imperial94 . 4 years ago

    Bought this to go above our sliding patio door for a curtain. Sturdy metal, easy installation (just need a step stool, drill, hammer, a level, and a 3/16 drill bit) Looks great :) One caveat is that if you are using this for a wide door or window, you will need two curtain panels or more as you will need to install the center support bracket, and one panel can't slide past it.

    Great curtain rod!

    Mommys boy is happy . 4 years ago

    This curtain rod is great! It is just long enough to cover our triple-pane sliding glass doors. It is simple and functional. We have had it up for a month and have received many compliments on it! It also has withstood my toddler being a little rough. The only complaint I have is the grommets on the curtains we purchased sometimes get held up on the rod where it is extended. But I am still giving 5 stars because that will happen with any rod.

    just what I needed.

    Andrew . 4 years ago

    Needed rod for a one piece 84 x 120 blackout curtain for sliding glass door. Needed something that would be far enough away from wall to not interfere with existing vertical blind holders, and sturdy enough to hold one piece curtains without sagging in the middle. Was kinda doubtful that the hardware provided would hold it up, seeing it was only two per side 1/4 screws and drywall plugs, but it did fine. Looks way more expensive than it is.

    Great fit for tight spaces!

    SRMB . 4 years ago

    The rods virtually disappear when the curtains are hung, which is exactly the look I was going for in my office.

    Not what I thought

    frustrated . 5 years ago

    I was wanting this rod because in the picture it shows the main rod fit in so close to the arm. This would eliminate the curtain from pulling and getting caught . It is not so. I think you need to buy one way bigger to so the center piece will fit this way. Also the screws have a very soft head and strip very easily. Buy new screws. The holes for the screws are not level ,they are placed on a angle and way more difficult to insert. The look is great. If you buy this get one bigger than you need and have it installed buy a pro.

    Great fit for tight spaces!

    SRMB . 5 years ago

    Installation was easy! Two person operation to put the curtains on the rods. The rods are low profile and really let your curtains pop out! A great look for the office.

    BBB has the best drapery hardware!

    Reese . 5 years ago

    This hardware exceeded my expectations. It's very beautiful and looks exactly how it's presented in the picture. This bar is VERY long. So long that I actually had to cut some of it off to fit my patio's sliding glass door. But I have no regrets. It's so elegant, sleek and just perfect. I purchased the shorter one for my windows and it looks great too, so much so that I have at least 4 more in the future. Oh, and the best part about these bars is that they have a little screw that you undue to remove the bar with the curtain from the flat end that's screwed to the wall making it a snap to either remove the curtains to wash or change out the curtains without have to take the whole thing down/apart. It's very thick and sturdy, something you'll never regret buying. I don't write reviews often but I may have to because BBB has so many great, quality items that's worth shouting from the roof tops about. Buy it now, you'll love it!!!!! Take my word for it.

    Great quality

    Idali . 5 years ago

    Love them!! The way I want it!!!

    Perfect rod to keep sunlight out

    Imaginethis . 5 years ago

    Love this rod! Very sturdy. Perfect curve to keep light out from the sides. Attractive finish. Totally satisfied!

    Super easy install

    KikiD . 5 years ago

    Supportive, durable and easy to install. Great product.

    Found It

    MomOfOne . 5 years ago

    It was so hard for me to find a rod that did not have, nor require a middle piece or bracket, so I was delighted to find this one. My husband installed it quickly and it looks great. Awesome price too!

    Hides the hardware, blocks light

    Kathy . 5 years ago

    The rod is made well, looks nice. The wrap around is the only way to go with room darkening curtains.

    Showing 1 - 20 out of 119 reviews