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Buffy Cloud Down Alternative Twin/Twin XL Comforter

83 Reviews

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83 reviews ·104 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Different from Buffy Website!

Kevyn.2 years ago

This Buffy comforter sold at BBB is different than the one you buy directly from Buffy. Don’t get me wrong. The comforter sold here is still great. The only thing is that the sewing pattern allows for less fill, making it thinner and less weighted. The outer casing is extremely soft just like the original and is cool to touch.

Most Helpful Critical Review


Livia.2 years ago
Not Recommended

This is advertised as a year round comforter but to me it has been the worst. I’ve been breaking a sweat every night with this comforter. It’s very fluffy and soft but I have never broken a sweat with a comforter the way I break with this. Would be a 5 star if it wasn’t so hot. The way it is is awful.

customer reviews

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Synthetic & Hot

Dave . 2 months ago

I hate it!! It isn’t breathable! Worst night’s sleep. Don’t be fooled!

Warm, soft and fluffy

James V . 1 year ago

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a polyester filled comforter because my experiences many years ago with cheap polyester filled sleeping bags were anything but good. But as the reviews I read seemed to give a thumbs up to this product I decided to take a chance in it. It didn’t hurt that it was going for half price either. I’ve been sleeping with it for a couple of weeks now and am really happy with it. I used to keep an electric blanket on my bed for those colder nights so I could just flip it on whenever I needed it. This comforter off so warm and fluffy that I put the electric blanket away. I tend to have cold feet due to health problems but with this comforter they actually feel warm and toasty for the first time in years. I really like the soft, fluffy feel of this comforter as well, and it even looks nice on my bed. It’s also very lightweight. I like it so much in fact, that I’m going to buy a second one to keep on hand for whenever it’s needed.

Buffy Comforter

kimberly . 1 year ago

love it. Plan on getting another one for another bed.

Soft and cozy!

jennifer . 1 year ago

This is soft and cozy and a great mid-weight duvet.

Nicest comforter

Lin . 1 year ago

I really wanted a king size comforter but it wasn't available. So ... I ordered two twins and had them sown together! The price was teriffic even with paying to have them sown together.

Like others said. WAY TOO HOT!

Amanda . 2 years ago

I sooo wanted this to work. I saw others said it was too warm, but I wanted to try it anyways and they were right, it is so hot! I was looking for a fluffy comforter I wouldn't bake in and was hoping the eucalyptus would do the trick. I work up ripping this comforter off multiple times. Ended up returning it. I purchased a bamboo/cotton comforter from The Company Store that was around $100 and it is super fluffy, soft and has been a great temp even with our room in the 70s.

Good but then not so much

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

It’s great. I loved it. I love how it looks like a hotel comforter and feels so expensive. But, it’s been a few months and it’s pulling in multiple places. I don’t have animals and I don’t bring things into bed that are sharp/ would make holes or anything so kind of bummed. It’s been used by a girl who takes good care of it.

Great comforter

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

Love this comforter from Buffy. It’s the perfect size and great for every season.

Buffy Cloud Comforter

chetkast . 2 years ago

You don't buy comforters everyday and after buying this one, I understand why. We love it and intend on having it for quite some time. Very soft, light and cool but we can use it here in the South all year long.

Pros and Cons

AussieGoZoom . 2 years ago

In short... very soft feel, but would not consider this "all season." When the package arrived, I was surprised to see it wasn't secured closed in any way or even wrapped internally in plastic. I wash everything before use so that wasn't a deal breaker for me. It says "machine washable huge" on the package, but when I looked up the specifics for laundering it at home, everything I found recommended dry clean. Seems like machine washable means only in an industrial-sized washer. I happen to have a large capacity washing machine, so that was also not a deal breaker. It washed fine. I air tumbled with no heat which required a lot of turning out, so I eventually just hung it to dry the last bit. The result was a thin, very soft duvet insert. Unfortunately, when you use a duvet cover, the very soft feel of the insert isn't an enjoyable bonus. I sleep hot, so I thought this would be a great cooling, breathable all-season insert, as advertised, but its actually quite warm, despite being so thin. Kind of a bust for me, but I have yet to find a substitute that would be suitable for all-season use. I'm back to using my original, truly all-season quilt.

Helping with Allergies

Alanna . 2 years ago

I usually have down comforters and always woke up with allergy headaches because of the feathers, but since I switched to the Buffy comforter, I have no longer been waking up with headaches. It is very allergy friendly and I definitely recommend it. It is not the fluffiest comforter ever though, so if that is what you are looking for this might not be the comforter for you.

Soft and luxurious feel

pv . 2 years ago

Very comfortable product. Nice and plush thickness.

very warm!

CTroadrunner . 2 years ago

If you're looking for an extra-warm layer, this is fluffy and buttery—a great option. It does run on the warmer side, though, so not for hot sleepers! It fills out our duvet really nicely.


Rachel . 2 years ago

I washed this before using it and hung it to dry on a door (it’s big!). It dried quickly and held up well. It lays (lies? - I’m not looking it up for you guys :) - sorry) on the bed well and my daughter loves it.

Better than my down comforter

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

I developed an allergy to down and had to replace my beloved comforter with a synthetic fill. I actually like the Buffy better. The fill doesn’t shift, it’s just as warm as down, and not too heavy. I sleep more soundly since I switched.

Buffy Down Alternative Comforter

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

We like the light weight and the recycled material that comprises the comforter. Great price point, too.

Love this comforter

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

This comforter is great! The material is so so soft! I have it paired with flannel sheets, but it's a touch too warm. I purchased the Buffy sheets as well so I'm sure it will be perfect when they come. I would buy this comforter again and again! Great product!


BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

this was a gift for my daughter, she loves it.

Worth the sale price

Tisha . 2 years ago

I've only had this buffy comforter for 1 day. I'm glad I got it on sale at 50% off because I don't think its worth the regular price or what the buffy site is selling it for. Half the normal price is about right for the quality. Its a lot thinner than I had hoped...not very fluffy at all. When people say its like sleeping in a marshmallow I expect more loft and fluff. The material is soft and smooth, but not tencel or bamboo soft...I did expect it to be softer. Overall I'm satisfied because of what I paid. But, I'd be returning it if I paid full price. I've felt better comforters.

JUST what I wanted!

ENelius . 2 years ago

This duvet insert is AMAZING. It is so comfortable! It keeps us impressively warm when we like to keep it cool in the house at night. Even though the duvet cover I have is thin linen, you cannot see the lines, which was a REALLY big deal to me. Our last duvet insert showed the lines and that always frustrated me. I have even come back and bought a second comforter to replace the other one for the guest bedroom.

Showing 1 - 20 out of 83 reviews