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Cuisinart® 14-Cup Custom Food Processor in Brushed Chrome

970 Reviews

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970 reviews ·1,012 ratings


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Ease of Use

Most Helpful Positive Review

Worth the money!

LadyP.7 years ago

I have been researching food processors for weeks to try and get the best deal for my money. I wanted a quality unit that would last. Just as I was about to make my final choice from my list of four, my Cook's Illustrated magazine arrived. They had done an unbiased test of full size food processors. This was the only unit tested that received a perfect score for each of the six categories (chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing, pureeing, ease of use). After using it I must agree wholeheartedly. It is also VERY quiet (my husbands main complaint of the previous one). I am so glad I saw this review before my purchase because I was going to buy the lesser expensive (by only $15) Elemental 11, which didn't fare nearly as well. I wasn't planning on spending this much, but I had a 20% off coupon and the free shipping helped also. THIS ONE IS WORTH THE MONEY AND YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED

Most Helpful Critical Review

Cuisinart Customer Service was HORRIBLE!

ShoppingAnne.7 years ago
Not Recommended

I purchased a new unit. Inside was packed perfectly - looked uninterrupted, factory packed. Inside, the food process blade is NOT A NEW PART. Seriously, it is used - it is discolored and smells like spicy food! Maybe it was a refurbished part that got mixed up in the assembly line. I called Cuisinart Customer Service to explain, willing to take picutres or return the blade to them, requesting a new blade. The rude rep told me that I would have to pay for a new blade to be shipped to me under their 3 year warranty, or I had to return it to the retailer. What? I just bought it. I work for a manufacturer. I know it will cost the manufacturer FAR more for me to return the entire unit to the store, where the store will either charge Cuisinart back at 100% of invoice cost and destroy it, or charge them to ship the entire unit back to Cuisinart. So I explained that to the rep and she basically told me she didn't care, that was their policy, either I pay for shipping or return it to the store, and then she HUNG UP ON ME!!!! Wow, she actually hung up on me. I couldn't believe it. I'm returning the unit to the retailer and getting my money back. You lost a customer Cuisinart. This is not how you treat a customer.

customer reviews

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Ken . 4 days ago

Lid will not go on or come off of the bowl smoothly. Requires extreme force. Badly made. I'm not happy.

Great food processor

Danapt . 6 days ago

Once it’s put together correctly, it works fantastically! Love it!

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Rating the 14 Cup Cuisinart Food Processor

Gary T . 6 days ago

Unfortunately this unit is very, very heavy. Plus there are not enough progressing discs for slicing and dicing. Overall this food processor is just okay.

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Mixed Feelings

Nstarlight . 1 week ago

I almost returned this the first time I tried to use it. It is very complicated to use - you have to remove the tube piece before you can take the top off the workbowl. The mechanism inside the top through which you must insert the tube fixture is flimsy, and probably won't last the life of the machine, I suspect. That said, it does do a great job of chopping, grating, slicing in a few seconds, and I appreciate the larger workbowl. It's difficult to clean, though. At some point, the complications and extra steps required make the "convenience" not worth the extra effort required.

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You can't go wrong with this model!

Shar H . 2 weeks ago

Love it! The is replaced my model that was about 40 years old!!! The only thing wrong with the old one was the bowl was cracked. It was so old there was not a replacement available. I'll be pretty old when this one gets to be 40, but I'm sure it will still be going.

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Great at grating

CatsPurr . 3 weeks ago

Great at Grating This food processor is excellent and functions exactly as described. The unpacking directions were superb and demonstrated the company's goal of safety for the consumer. Everything stores inside the appliance. It is heavy but worth the lifting.

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Too safe for practical use.

Spudz . 3 weeks ago

The chute is way too short! They put a safety on the larger chute to keep someone from getting their hand in it. But it is so short you have to precut everything into small chunks to be able to get the switch to set. Really missed the mark. This is probably going back!

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PITMASTER . 3 weeks ago


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AngL . 3 weeks ago

I just love how easy this blender is to use and the power it has. I made some vanilla paste using it and it was so smooth.

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14 cup Food Processor

Bette E. . 3 weeks ago

This is my 2nd one and it is much improved. Love it.

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Custom 14 Is The Perfect Workhorse

Magic Jeannie . 3 weeks ago

I absolutely love my new Custom 14 Food Processor! I've owned a Custom 11 for 35 years and while it still runs fine, I needed more capacity so I was happy to see that Cuisinart made the 14-cup model. It has more power than the 11 but otherwise operates the same, a real bonus for this senior cook. So far I've sliced, grated and chopped a wide variety of foods and every one of them came out perfectly. My last project was chopping leftover Christmas ham to make ham loaf, and the Custom 14 did a great job: finely, evenly chopped ham "crumbs" that mixed perfectly with the remaining ingredients to make a tasty ham loaf. I've been cooking for 50+ years and I certainly am critical about my tools, but I can find no negatives to report on the Custom 14. It's a workhorse that I look forward to using for many years.

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It is a shame I had to buy this

Jim TN . 4 weeks ago

It is a shame I had to buy this. The plunger on my old one broke, and Cuisinart does not have replacement parts. The design was faulty. I hope this one is better

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How I miss the old Cuisinart!

basket case . 4 weeks ago

I bought this Cuisinart in January 2019 and I am very disappointed in the design (the reason for giving it a one star--for performance, I would give it a 5 stars). I have had many Cuisinart over the years as I had to replace our old ones. Cuisinart changed the design. The cover where you insert the food is now in the back instead of the front and it is very awkward. The cover is also very difficult to clean. I don't put it in the upper rack of the dishwasher because it doesn't work very well after that. It does a good job of processing the ingredients but not easy to clean. I wish Cuisinart would go back to their early design of the 70's. It was simple, easy to use and easy to clean. They probably had their design engineer change the whole model after some dumb mother let her toddler's or her own hand in the bowl while it was running. Having said all that, I once tried a different brand and it was not as good as Cuisinart. All I can advise: when you use your Cuisinart, wash it right away--don't wait. Cuisinart: Please go back to the cover being in the front for loading the ingredients.


TwentySeven . 4 weeks ago

I love my Cusinart 14 cup food processor. I had been looking to buy one for several months and I was finally able to make it happen. So far, I have used the machine to make a cake and chop vegetables for soup. Both functions performed beautifully. I felt I couldn’t go wrong since this processor is recommended by American’s Test Kitchen. I highly suggest giving this machine a try. My only concern is the lack of tutorials and information available on various ways to use the processor.

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I would heartily recommend this one!

MargueriteS . 4 weeks ago

I have owned a 11 cup cuisinart for many years and this year for Christmas I got a new, bigger one. Its nice to look at and since I have previous experience, it was easy to use! I had to buy the 2 mm slicer since this model did not come with that size.

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Can't get placement of cover to activate the motor

Susan in Bend . 1 month ago

I have only tried to use it three times since it arrived. Twice I had to stop and transfer the contents to something else because the closing the top would not start the motor. Ive watched the online videos--there is NO TROUBLESHOOTING in the manual for assembly problems. After taking out my ingredients, I tired multiple more times placing the components in place until finally it did start. Not sure why I am having this trouble?

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Very dependable

Dannette 1 . 1 month ago

I have had a cusinart food processor since the early eighties. Have always been dependable. Easy to use. This is the second one I’ve owned

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Love the Cuisinart 14 cup food processor

Terry Z. . 1 month ago

Very nice and so easy to use. It blended pie dough perfectly.

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Continuing excellence

mamiebelle . 1 month ago

This machine replaces one I've had for close to twenty years, with never any problems. It finally died suddenly, and this new upgrade is just as good, better in some ways, and I expect similar longevity.

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new food processor

train car chef Bill . 1 month ago

Replacing another Cusinart processor that I worked hard for years. It was excellent. I hope this one is as durable and dependable.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 970 reviews