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Granite Gold® 24 oz. Shower Cleaner

87 Reviews

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87 reviews ·88 ratings


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customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 87 reviews

Awesome Cĺean

Jconner1973 . 11 months ago

I was sent Granite Gold Shower Cleaner to review, it is just as awesome as the rest of their cleaners. Soap scum was gone! Thank you for the opportunity to try this amazing product!

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Clean and fresh

Ashley03 . 11 months ago

I received granite cold shower cleaner. This is stone care products. It deep cleans all stones and ceramic tile surfaces. Yes it does just that. My shower has never looked sooo good. Sparkling and shining. This smells so good and fresh! I love that i can spray it on let it set and not worry what it is doing to my shower! This can also be used other places than the shower and it is food prep safe!!!! That means counter tops. This is the best cleaner I have used yet defiantly recommend!!!

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Love it

Emily . 11 months ago

Cut through shower grime no problem great scent. No residue

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Good Cleaner

olgaave . 11 months ago

I love Granite Gold as a brand and use a lot of their products. I was looking for a good shower cleaner. This one is very easy to use. The sprayer is good and sprays the right amount of product. I use it in my shower and this product cleaned my ceramic tiles well.

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Shiny Stone Shower

vgoodwin93 . 11 months ago

Granite Gold Shower Cleaner has to be one of the best cleaners I've used on my Stone Shower. This product left my shower looking so clean and shiny. It took away the water spots and soap scum without damaging my stone shower. The sprayer worked great and sprayed evenly on my shower walls. I like that this product is non toxic and non acidic and you can also use it on your shower and bath fixtures without acidic corrosion or damage. It deep-cleans granite, marble, travertine and all other natural-stone surfaces. Plus this is great for quartz and ceramic tile surfaces. This product has a pleasant scent and verily noticable at all. Which I love because some cleaners put off a harsh chemical scent that's overwhelming. This company has been around for over 50 years. I definitely trust Granite Gold and will continue to use their products. I recommend others to use their products.

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Deep clean

VicFL . 11 months ago

I love how nicely the shower is after I use this shower cleaner. It really does a wonderful job on hard water stains. My shower was definitely fresh and clean.

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Amazing cleaner on shower tiles

RebeccaS . 11 months ago

This shower cleaner really got rid of all the icky mildew on my shower tile that I didn’t even realize was there! This is really easy to use, just spray and wipe with a cloth. The smell isn’t overly strong. My tiles look so clean aft reusing this!

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Perfect for our walk-in shower

Hrcanes1 . 11 months ago

Granite Gold has created yet another high quality product that I can confidently use to clean and maintain the integrity of our stone. We have an oversized, tile snail shower in our master bathroom and this product makes it extremely easy to clean. It removes the toughest mineral buildup and really makes our shower shine. I highly recommend this product.

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awesome cleaner

Tugrad1 . 11 months ago

Granite Gold - Granite Gold Shower Cleaner is an awesome product that lives up to its name. it got my shower looking cleaner than every. just a little goes a very long way. i am excited to share this information with other people that i know

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works well

xxchoo . 11 months ago

loved the shower cleaner i received to try!! didn't smell too strong and my shower walls never looked nicer

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Works well!

Prettygirl . 12 months ago

So glad that I tried this! Works awesome! Would highly recommend!

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Granite Gold Shower Cleaner

DNP . 1 year ago

Love this. Cleans showers in a snap, even soap residue. Gets showers clean without fumes or bad odors. Economical, too.

Awful product

Rita . 2 years ago

Threw it away after one use. It discolored the white grout. Got the stains off with Tilex

Good Product, reasonable price.

Jackie A . 3 years ago

Love this cleaner, just wish they made a refill container for this bottle as they do for the daily cleaner.

ada luz . 3 years ago

the bottle is damaged.. the spray does not work.

Marines . 3 years ago

Love the way my granite counters look, clean and shiny.

Magical spray!!

Kinzz37 . 3 years ago

I have been using it more than couple of weeks and it is really good product if someone has natural stone in the bathroom. It has ingredients which does not harm natural stone as well as it also remove water stain like other product does. It does not clean some of the hard water stain. However, it is really good product. I love using it.

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kaye . 3 years ago

so happy that I decided to try this product! Works great, keeps my shower tile looking great!

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Effective cleaning

Ishi . 3 years ago

This is a very effective cleaner and cleans hard water stain from shower. It doesn't have any fragrance but gives a good shine. Just a little bit is enough to give a good clean.overall I like it and works very well.

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GG Shower Cleaner for clean & shiny showers!

JMMom55 . 3 years ago

Granite Gold Shower Cleaner is great for cleaning your shower and for other stone and tile surfaces that come in contact with water. This easy to use spray bottle turns into a foam spray by pulling the tab on the spray nozzle. Just spray and wipe clean with Granite Gold Cleaning Cloth or a lint free cloth. I used the foam spray and let it sit for a few minutes on stubborn stains from my Grandson. Using this cleaner is safe as well with non toxic, non acidic, no phosphates or ammonia and pH balanced and biodegradable. By using this cleaner regularly it will help prevent scum buildup, mold, mildew and those hard water deposits. You can also use the Sealer and Polish for your shower walls to keep them clean and shining. Gold Granite has made it easy to clean with all their products from the kitchen, bathroom and to the outdoors. I definitely recommend Granite Gold Cleaner for making it easy to keep your shower shiny clean!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 87 reviews