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Keurig® K-Elite™ Single Serve K-Cup® Pod Hot & Iced Coffee Maker in Brushed Silver

3132 Reviews


3,132 reviews ·3,344 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Excellent but......

Maverick.5 years ago

I got my first Keurig K50 for Christmas from my wife and thinking I would use on occasion, however I stopped using my drip coffee maker because I loved the Keurig! It's been 3 years and my old Keurig has been making odd noises but still working. I was looking to buy a new one and my friend has the K575 and has nothing but trouble with the touch screen, also I've read many issues with all model with the touch screens. I saw a sale for the K-Elite that was to good to pass up. It's perfect all the features without the touch screen. The one small issue I have is on my old Keurig when you turn it on and it's ready all the cup buttons light up, the Elite has nothing. I wish they would have a light or anything that would let you know when it's ready. It's a small issue otherwise, Keurig did everything right with this model. Btw, love the "strong" button for the mug and travel mug size works great.

Most Helpful Critical Review

In 6 Weeks, 4 K-Elites have Quit On Us

Kenneth.5 years ago
Not Recommended

Wife & I bought the 1st K-Elite in May and it worked for 2 days. It's just the 2 of us here, so only 4 or 5 cups a day. BB&B store exchanged for another Elite - that worked 2 weeks. The next K-Elite worked a week. I called Keurig for the 4th replacement thinking perhaps our BB&B had a bad batch. This factory machine quit after making a single small cup of hot water. Keurig shipped our 5th K-Elite today - Am not feeling the luv for Keurig's coffee maker...

customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 3132 reviews

Love It

William . 1 week ago

Love almost everything about this Keurig. Wish the reservoir held more water, but then probably wouldn’t fit my counter.

Good buy

Njmaz . 2 weeks ago

Makes a good cup of joe. Love the iced coffee and hot water features. Water reservoir doesn't seem really sturdy but no issues yet. Really happy with this machine so far.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

KEURIG K ELITE an amazing Coffee Maker

DEO 16 . 2 weeks ago

Love my KEURIG coffee maker the convenience of making coffee at anytime of the day with the option of using any flavor k cup is absolutely amazing.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

K-Elite Approved by Retired Marine.

Country Gal . 2 weeks ago

The K-Elite coffee Brewer is a great deal for the price. We also use our points which further reduces the cost. This is our third one. Ours normally last five to six years before needing to be replaced. My wife and I average eight cups per day using 18 ounce cups. This Brewer produces fantastic tasting coffee every day. There's minimal noise and hissing, but no way does it sound like a wheat combine or wood chipper. As long as Keurig keeps making the K-Elite, we'll keep buying them.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Too big

JOANNEZ . 2 weeks ago

I love the versatility but finding the size of the reservoir too tall. It doesn't fit under my kitchen faucet. I don't like that you can't see the water level looking at the front and wish the solid plastic front was removable. The taste and temp was good

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Great features

Bob78 . 3 weeks ago

This machine does an excellent job of making hot coffee which you can adjust the temp also makes 12oz which is terrific. Also supplies hot water and you can make hot chocolate. Great machine.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Little more complicated than our last one

cadl . 3 weeks ago

Makes a lot of noise when the water heats - option for strong coffee -now must choose each time - our earlier Keurig the strong coffee was set

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Looks great

Dano C . 3 weeks ago

Bought the new Elite, had a different dual make from cuisinart, started to leak. Decided to buy the Keurig Elite. Love it. Great coffee maker.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Staying caffeinated

Medium flavor . 3 weeks ago

Love my new keurig, easy to setup and use.I would highly recommend it.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Replacement Keurig

45504 . 3 weeks ago

I am a little disappointed in my new Keurig. This is the third one I have had and it seems that the quality of the machine is not the same. The machine seems louder than the others and the display buttons seem to be of lesser quality.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com


mrbrn . 3 weeks ago

Our Special Edition Keurig died and I relay missed the strong button. The Elite makes a great cup of coffee. My only complaint is that the water reservoir I’d difficult to place on the Keurig.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

my old keurig was better

misterneel156 . 3 weeks ago

takes too long to heat water. top does not fit very well. even when it is plugged in all day it has to be restarted. not a big fan of waiting for coffee.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Great coffee

Mimi58 . 3 weeks ago

I decided to purchase another new Keurig for my home in Florida . Love the one in Massachusetts so got the new one here too

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

K-Elite Coffee Maker

jimkleen84 . 3 weeks ago

Positive, I like how fast it make cup of coffee. The style and size works great in our kitchen.. Negative, it slides around on the counter and the cup support keeps coming out when you remove the cup.it is really loud hen making coffee compared to our previous Keurig.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Not the same coffee maker

Return guy . 4 weeks ago

I bought this about a month ago to replace the one that crapped out. Could not get it running again. I thought I was getting an exact duplicate of what broke it isn’t. It’s a cheaper model disappointed I liked my old one better.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Great coffeemaker

Bjmyst . 4 weeks ago

I’ve had this coffeemaker a month and am so happy I bought it. It’s a great cup of coffee with no drips after. Works quickly and quietly. I love all the cup sizes and the iced feature. It’s also nice to have the strong option. Would definitely recommend.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Better features on my other unit

I have nonickname . 4 weeks ago

The coffee doesn't come out like it should. I feel I got a refurbished unit. The one that I had was mu h better, and heavier, than this one.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com


Pop pop . 4 weeks ago

This is our third every day k cup coffee maker, new model seems to brew hotter.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Nice choice for coffee maker

Duda . 4 weeks ago

Changing from Classic to K-Elite is a nice experience for me. The K-Elite completes and makes my kitchen corner look prettier. The silver goes well with others appliances as well.

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Too quirky to be a Keurig

TJ123 . 4 weeks ago

My fourth Keurig has turned out to be by far my worst. Needs to be re-set by unplugging it and plugging it back in almost every day, otherwise the blue selection lights will not light up and you can’t get a cup of coffee

LogoOriginally posted on keurig.com

Showing 1 - 20 out of 3132 reviews