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Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

1029 Reviews


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Most Helpful Positive Review


David.6 years ago

I made some coconut oil infused with some white widow strain. I am very pleased with the results of the oil and the processor. No fuss no muss. I turned my oil into convenient capsules for easy medicating. I used an upside down egg crate.sliced an x in the compartments and stuck the empty capsule, larger side, into the x. This held them quite well. Then I filled each one with a baby liquid medicine suringe and capped them with the short side of the empty capsule. Wala! It's easy to spill oil so put a smooth placemat under your work area. I found myself tasting my spill and by the time I was finished I was grinning and feeling real good! Have fun.

Most Helpful Critical Review

I would not buy this product

Mike.6 years ago
Not Recommended

I would not buy this product. My handle broke and They will not replace the product

customer reviews

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Doobiedoobiedo . 2 weeks ago

Ran a double batch of tincture using Permafrost herb and Everclear. 4 cups to 2 oz. Worked perfectly! This is my second machine. Does what it says it will. I infuse honey, which I “highly” recommend trying. Pun intended. A third of a teaspoon is a perfect fit with a cup of tea. More if you’re wanting to be subdued. Enjoy

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Magical Butter Machine - would purchase again.

SWest . 2 weeks ago

Very easy to use, and well made. Customer Service is average in support. Shipping was poor, but not Companies fault due to weather issues. The product is expensive for what it does, but it is a game changer for those doing extractions on a regular basis. I also appreciate their website has "recipes" and I would certainly join the face book community for additional information.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com


Dawg . 3 weeks ago

Make INDUSED sugars, butter, oil, vape oil ,bath bombs ect ect

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Sharing the love

Julia . 3 weeks ago

This is my second butter maker. I bought this one for a friend. She was amazed how easy it was to make oils and honey and had to have one for herself.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Cried after 1 use

Josh . 4 weeks ago

Plugged in and used one time and it got fried and doesn’t work now.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Love it

Andy . 1 month ago

Amazing, all in one and the few types that can do tinctures.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

MB Amazing

M.R. . 1 month ago

I have been waiting to purchase for a while, it did not disappoint, Im pleased with everything about this amazing kitchen aid. I highly recommend this over some of the others including LEVO, just saying.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Better Get You One!

JC . 1 month ago

Awesome machine, lives up to it's advertisement! Quality is Top Shelf!

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Good Stuff!

Panda Candy . 2 months ago

I just started playing with my new botanical infuser and I'm very happy with it. This machine takes almost all the busy work out of the process and makes an amazing product. I love decarb box and filter box too.👍🐼

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

One time used

ShadeTreeCook . 2 months ago

I have only used this once. So far so good. One star removed due to the thermometer display only being visible at just the right angle. My tincture turned out spot on. I have not tried the gummies yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Love my magic butter

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 2 months ago

Great product, made a tincture for my first try. It was easy to use and did a great job of infusing. I thank you for making a product that works better than advertised.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

10/10 Product. End of Title. Read next line.

Timiniminy . 2 months ago

The instructions make it all so easy, a caveman can-- you get the idea. The decarb box set and thermometer make getting to the right temp before starting an absolute breeze. The whole magic butter machine is ridiculously easy to keep clean and store, and make the process move without a hitch! ...now to get my baking skills up to par...

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Shopping takes a while

Avi . 2 months ago

I saw it on TikTok a few weeks ago , at first I was hesitant of getting scammed or it being useless shipping took a while but it came with everything and it works great so far only used it once so far so good

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

magical Milk!

Cory . 3 months ago

I got this for Christmas! I am proud to say I own one.

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Nice but expensive

A Non . 3 months ago

Does the job but is a right pain to clean - clean function does very little in the way of actually cleaning the device. Used to make 'Magic Butter' in a saucepan which worked very well (if not a bit smelly) and this device is maybe a bit neater and less smelly. It is way more expensive than a saucepan and much more cleaning is required. The recipes you could probably find online but if you have the cash then it's a fun device to have - although like I say, a saucepan works just as well. Customer support seems pretty non existent and everything that they say is available on the website I have not been able to find!

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Happy Repeat Buyer!!

Morgayne . 3 months ago

This is actually my second MB2E! I literally wore out the first one and it was a no brainer when it came time to replace it. I have my edibles down to an art and now will continue to do so!

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Best. Edibles. EVER.

Walt FlatEarthHead . 3 months ago

Remember tossing a 1/4 into a box of instant brownies? This ain't that. Step up your edibles game, bring it into the future. Oil, butter, tincture, all so easy, plus the miracle that IS the Decarbox system. Why haven't you ordered already??

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Everything and more

Been . 3 months ago

This product does everything it says it does, and more!

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Discrete easy to use no fuss no muss

Self taught doctor . 3 months ago

What a great product super easy to use and clean up cut our normal method process in half

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Best machine for Cannabutter

Sean . 4 months ago

Amazing machine 😍 . Easy to use, Easy to clean. Definitely buy sunflower lecithin for it. Would recommend 100% 👌👌👍

Originally posted on magicalbutter.com

Showing 1 - 20 out of 1029 reviews