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simplehuman® Fingerprint-Proof 4.5-Liter Round Step Trash Can

450 Reviews

$29.99 - $34.99

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450 reviews ·533 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Perfect size

Kb2Kk.10 years ago

This can works perfectly in our bathroom! We also received the replacement bags with it for our wedding, and I love the ease of putting them in the can and drawing up the tie when it's time to take it out. However, in a pinch, I have used regular grocery bags and they work just as well. Another plus: it keeps our kitties from getting in the can.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Not Perfect

Gmaw.10 years ago
Not Recommended

Like many other reviewers, I wanted something to "slow down" the dog. This can is attractive and a perfect size for our bathroom. tends to tip forward when pushing down the foot pedal (even carefully). It doesn't tip over, but is annoying to me. I am surprised no one else mentioned it. I took the first can back to BBB and exchanged it, thinking that particular can was defective, but the second one does the same thing. I took a closer look at the two other step cans we currently own and discovered that they have an extra piece of plastic molded under the foot pedal that prevents the tipping motion, Therefore, in my opinion, this can has a design flaw. I haven't decided if I want to try to get used to the tipping action, or return it. It's a shame because otherwise the can is perfect. Frustrated.

customer reviews

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4.5L round step can

Mark K. . 1 month ago

The can is less than expected. Low quality materials and construction. Easily purchased elsewhere for less money.

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Puppy Prof

DMcnaney . 2 months ago

This is not our first purchase of the Simple human trash can products. Although the trash can arrived on time it wasn’t until later we noticed the dent in the lid and a few scratches. The can still works as expected so no need to send back. As long as it keeps our puppy from dragging stuff out and the shredding it we’re happy


Melinda W. . 3 months ago

I love it! It is in a small space and it fits perfectly!

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Simple and functional

Mu’minah S. . 3 months ago

Love this small trash step can. It’s just the right size,and again functional .

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Step can

Carolyn A. . 4 months ago

Perfect trash can for the bathroom. Love the slow close lid.

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Lori S. . 4 months ago

Perfect size for the home office, love how quietly it closes. I'm never disappointed in the quality of simplehuman products.

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The step cans work well

Lee V. . 4 months ago

The step cans work well but slide a little on wood and marble floors. The pulse pump is excellent very smooth repeatable operation

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Stephan C. . 4 months ago

Very appealing , and ease of operation. Closed lid provide healthy sanitary needs.

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Quick shipping

Rachel K. . 5 months ago

Quick shipping process. Exactly what I needed for my bathroom trash can.

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Very good product

Georgia E. . 5 months ago

Great size for a bathroom. Well made and keeps everything covered.

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A little small

BB&B Customer . 5 months ago

I bought this for my bathroom and it’s a bit too small, but I love the hands free lid opener and the look of it. I would opt for a slightly bigger one even if it’s for another room. Just too small and you gotta empty it often.

Perfect size!

Melinda R. . 5 months ago

I was looking for a canister to use when cleaning our cat's litter box. This is exactly what I needed. It is small and compact, with sturdy liners. It is also hands free with the step pedal that opens the lid. Thank you, Simple Human!

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So cute

Sara A. . 5 months ago

It's the perfect pail for the bathroom, stylish & attractive.

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Nice trash can but too small

Deborah C. . 5 months ago

As are all of Simple Human’s products, this is a well-built item, but it is really too small. If I throw away an empty shampoo bottle, the can is full! Would really appreciate something a bit larger for my bathroom!

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Love the matte black! Wish

Dawn B. . 5 months ago

Love the matte black! Wish the pedal was black too!

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Too small bags

Maggie C. . 6 months ago

The bags are too small for the garbage bag. Makes it difficult to change in a small garbage can that’s in the bathroom

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Good Quality & Attractive

Kristen P. . 6 months ago

This is the third Simple Human trash can I’ve purchased, the the first was 14 years ago (!) & all are still in daily use! Quality, sleek appearance & affordability keep me coming back.

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Small step can

Ladys S. . 6 months ago

Love this product. This is my third Simple Human purchase. The quality is nice and works as it should. Just wish the lid was a little sturdier. I dropped a small cosmetic item on it and the lid shows minor dings. Otherwise, I now own 2 of these and their slim butterfly garbage can for my small kitchen. Love their products.

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Love the trash can

Luckymom . 6 months ago

I love this trash can, it closes down slowly and quietly. I wish it's a little bigger, then it'll be perfect. I use this can in my kids' bathrooms.

Beautiful and Easy to Clean

Jennifer E. . 6 months ago

I bought this for my bathroom. I always have to have one with a lid because bathroom garbage can be the most embarrassing! Just like my other simple human trashcan, it is beautiful, easy to clean, and quiet. A suggestion would be to make a version of the can a bit wider. I like the slim profile, since most other brands make them short and wide, and this is for a small space, but options are great.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 450 reviews