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Tummy Time Floor Mirror

23 Reviews

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23 reviews ·34 ratings


Would recommend

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Most Helpful Positive Review


Kathryn.2 years ago

My "little bit" is now able to reach & grab while on his tummy, so I got this mirror for his crib. The first time he noticed his reflection was priceless! He kept looking at his face, then started "talking" to the face in the mirror. Loved it!

Most Helpful Critical Review

Not true reflection

atticus.2 years ago
Not Recommended

This item claims multiple times that it is a true reflection mirror, so baby can get used to looking at human faces and their own. Instead it is a funhouse mirror, with the only true reflection being in the direct center and the rest stretched and warped.

customer reviews

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Great toy!

Kris . 7 days ago

Our baby loves this through various stages of development. From newborn stage and looking into a mirror , now into infancy and learning to roll over and play wit the black and white ball attachment. Totally Worth it!

Should Have Read the Reviews..

Morgan . 2 weeks ago

As stated….I should have read the reviews before purchasing. I was gifted a different tummy time mirror but decided to order this one since it’s what I had on my registry. The mirror is so distorted, exactly like a fun house mirror…I can’t imagine this being comforting for a baby or beneficial for brain development/facial recognition. Design is cute but I don’t think it will make up for the poor quality of the mirror itself..

LogoOriginally posted on

Tummy Time

Lynda . 2 months ago

My grand daughter loves this !! Also its soft and does not break ! Would purchase again

Baby gift request!!!!!!!!

UmumB Customer . 2 months ago

Mom requested two for her twins!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela . 3 months ago

Very happy with mirror. Made well. Baby loves looking at herself.

Just what I was looking for

Mary Jo . 3 months ago

Not used yet. Baby won't be born until December

My little one LOVES this mirror!

AllyGarofalo . 5 months ago

We placed the mirror inside her pack n play. When I go to change her, she will stare at herself and be mesmerized by the attached toys. It's a great toy, even in the newborn stages.

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Huge hit at my house!

maamaaa . 6 months ago

I’m not sure why there are any bad reviews for this product, it’s a huge hit at my house we started using it when my daughter was about two months old and she is intrigued by her reflection! The mirror itself is actually very clear. Obviously there is some minor distortion around the edges of the mirror since it obviously cannot be a real glass mirror for babies… she also loves the little toys on the side and they have prompted her to grab and swat at them and turn the little ball that rattles! It stands up just fine on its own. This provides a lot of fun for my baby and helps a lot while we are doing tummy time!



mommmy . 10 months ago

The mirror is distorted and makes me dizzy. I decided to return it and purchase Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror for Self-Discovery on Amazon.

Not a true reflection

BB&B Customer . 12 months ago

I thought my baby would love this for tummy time, but the image in the mirror is so distorted. It gives me a headache looking at it.

really doesn’t stand up

TracyB . 1 year ago

Doesn’t stand up well at all. Have to lay it on the floor for him to use it.


Kathryn . 1 year ago

Nice bright colors. Mirror is not clear enough to see reflection. Wont stay propped up. Baby not interested in it, so its not worth buying.


Kathryn . 2 years ago

My "little bit" is now able to reach & grab while on his tummy, so I got this mirror for his crib. The first time he noticed his reflection was priceless! He kept looking at his face, then started "talking" to the face in the mirror. Loved it!

So cute...but doesn't stand well

TwinMagickMama . 2 years ago

This is such a perfect tummy time mirror, with the rattle and little bee, as well as high contrast design. My little ones love it. The only thing is that it wasn't constructed to open wide enough to stand up well, without teetering over/falling down. Anytime my littles try to interact with it, it just falls over on them... very sad. So, I have to always keep it propped up against something or hold it up myself.

Helpful item

Mimi of Seven . 2 years ago

I prop this up in Baby's crib so if he faces the other way I can look in the mirror and make sure he can breathe. Only problem is it falls over easily.

Made tummy time easier

Shannon . 2 years ago

My baby loved this the second I put it up. My 4 month old didn’t hate tummy time, just didn’t care for it. This mirror made things a lot more fun and kept her on her tummy longer.

baby loves it, but it can stand well

Brooklynmom . 2 years ago

Use it for tummy time, baby loves to watch herself in the mirror, the only problem is can’t stand well.

Very cute

Lisa . 2 years ago

Cute and great size for baby

Very cheaply made. Don’t buy!!!

BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

I really wanted to like this mirror, but it’s so cheaply made, it can’t even stand on its own when I place it in my sons activity gym. Mirror reflection is horrible. Would not recommend

Worth the purchase.

Jeanette . 2 years ago

It has been awesome... soft enough to be around baby and not worry and starts on it’s own. High contrast is great for little one.

Showing 1 - 20 out of 23 reviews