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UPPAbaby® Vista Parent Organizer

6 Reviews


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6 reviews ·6 ratings


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    Nicole . 9 years ago

    I think this is a great feature. I have had no problem with folding the stroller up with this product on the stroller. Clearly, if you have a drink in the cup holder, you will want to remove it before folding the stroller to avoid spills. It is great to take walks and run errands with your key items easily accessible. I am able to keep my keys, phone and garage opener all at once. I am so glad I purchased this!

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    A must accessory for UPPA

    Yoashiaa . 9 years ago

    Holds keys, baby bottle or parent's drink, cellphone etc

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    Texasmom . 9 years ago

    I wouldn't buy this product. You have to remove it any time you want to fold the stroller down- very impractical. Buy the other cup holder instead.

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    Great for small items

    Julajula22 . 10 years ago

    The parent organizer is great. Fits my cell phone, keys, some cash and a bottle of water. All you need at your fingertips while out. The big things are in the basket - but this is a great addition to the vista.

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    Terrible Product

    newmommy78 . 10 years ago

    DO not buy this! It doesn't sit on carriage nicely and you can NOT us the cup holder! I tried it once and the coffee spilled all over the place and thank god missed the baby! I would never use it again. The other pockets are pretty worthless, I really wanted it for the cup holder part of it.

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    Best Stroller ever!

    MommaB . 11 years ago

    I spent A LOT of time researching strollers and I'm glad I did. My husband and I both love this stroller. I'm 5'2" and my husband is 6'4" and the adjustable handle is perfect for both of us. I like that the bar goes straight across and isn't 2 separate handles. The basket is HUGE and fits a ton of stuff, including my dog who sits in it when we go for walks and my large diaper bag at the same time. The basket is one of my favorite features because most other strollers don't have anywhere near the same amount of room and this one you can easily access from the front or back. The extra extender shade (on both stroller and bassinet) gives my baby pretty much full coverage from the sun (only his feet aren't shaded if he isn't wearing socks) so we can walk anytime of the day and it completely hides away when not in use. The attached netting is great for bugs. I also really like that there is a netted flap on the hood so when he is facing out, I can roll it back and see what he's up to. It is a great smooth ride on every kind of surface (even bumpy gravel). It is really easy to recline far back with one hand and can gently do it while he's sleeping. The adjustable foot rest is a nice feature. Love that you can face the baby towards you or flip around so he has a view of what's ahead. It is really easy to close and open once you get the hang of it. You can close it with the stroller seat attached or unattached. The foot break works really, really well and is really easy to use. The bar in front of the baby is removable which is good for when they're smaller and don't need it to hang onto. The bassinet was great for when he was smaller and it is really easy to remove as well. I love the green color because if we have a girl next it will still work! So my main points I picked this over the Bugaboo and glad I did is because you can collapse it with the seat attached and it has a huge basket. It is a very sturdy stroller and we use it almost every day and haven't had any problems with it. Plus it is really stylish too! Highly recommend.

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    Showing 1 - 6 out of 6 reviews