Group Gifting

How it Works

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Add the Good Stuff

Register for anything and everything. Items $250 or more will automatically offer group gifting as an option to your guests.

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Guests Make Contributions

Gift givers can contribute any amount (even the full price!) to help you purchase these desired items.

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Receive My Funds Credits

Contributions will show up as My Funds credits in your account and are yours to use even if a gift isn't fully funded.

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Purchase Your Gifts

Log in to your registry to see your available My Funds credits and use them on the gifts of your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions


All gifts valued at $250 or more, excluding Cash Funds and Gift Cards, are eligible for group gifting. Note: The $250 threshold applies to an individual item’s value, not multiple quantities of the item, and is subject to change.

Only if you created your registry before 05/13/2020. To opt in, simply log in to your registry and edit your settings.

You can opt out anytime by logging in to your account and editing your settings; however, we recommend using the feature to provide your guests with more convenience. Plus, it’ll help you get those higher-priced items on your list.

Gift givers can contribute any amount from $1 up to the remaining amount needed to purchase the item.

That’s okay, too! Gift givers can still add requested gifts to their shopping carts and check out as usual. Any group contributions already received will go to the couple as My Funds credits.

Taxes and additional shipping fees (other than free standard shipping) are collected at the time of checkout and are the registrant’s responsibility.

Coupons cannot be applied to gift givers’ contributions, but registrants can use coupons when purchasing items (exclusions may apply).

Visit to learn more about My Funds.