Ship or Swap



When you sign up for Ship or Swap, you're in control of it all. Enjoy flexible shipping on your schedule and make easier exchanges with the option to exchange gifts before they even ship. It's your registry - and your gifts - your way.

How It Works

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Opt In

Choose when gifts get delivered to your home and more with Ship or Swap. Opt in when creating a registry or edit your existing registry.

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Guests Buy You Gifts

When guests buy you gifts and choose to ship directly to you, you receive My Funds credit in your registry account for the value of the gift purchased.

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Ship or Swap—You Decide!

Log into your registry account to view your My Funds credit and choose to ship gifts or exchange them for something else. Don't worry—your gift giver will never know!

Frequently Asked Questions


This service puts you in control of the gifts that guests choose to ship directly to you. When you opt in, you can choose when gifts are shipped and you’re able to exchange something before it even ships (without your guests knowing!).

Gifts are eligible for this service only when a guest buys a gift off your registry and chooses to ship it directly to you. You're then in control of whether you want to ship that gift or exchange it for another item.

When a guest buys a gift and chooses to ship directly to you, the gift will go into your My Funds account as a permanent credit. From there, you can ship the gift straight to you whenever you want it or exchange it for a completely different gift (without the gift-giver knowing!).

When you opt in to the service, you can receive gifts on your schedule with the ability to exchange before gifts ship (and your gift giver will never know!). If you choose not to opt in, you’ll receive gifts once they’re purchased and you can return or exchange gifts after you receive them.

If you decide to opt out of the service after opting in, you're no longer able to choose when gifts can be shipped or have the option to exchange before shipping. After opting out, don't forget to use your My Funds in your account if you've already received gifts while you were a part of Ship or Swap.

No, My Funds credit from Ship or Swap gifts do not expire.

Eligible gifts will be loaded into your My Funds as permanent credit within an hour of being purchased.

Visit to learn more about My Funds.