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Before The Move

Moving is equally exciting and stressful. As you get ready to relocate, you’ll want a very methodical approach to getting everything done. Having the right moving checklists makes the process simple and easy. Make sure you grab your moving day checklist to make sure you don’t leave any important tasks undone on the big day. If movers are packing everything for you, you’ll more easily find everything if you do some organizing first. Group everything you want packed together so that the movers aren’t guessing what should go together. Now is a great time to start thinking through storage for your new home, and what you’ll keep together. You may even start by putting those things in storage containers so that all the movers have to box it up and load the truck.

Cleaning your home is also important, both for your old and new residence. Try not to move with open cleaners that can spill and leak while in transit. Consider doing a full deep cleaning; in fact, it may be a good time to invest in appliances like a steam floor cleaner. Before you move in, do a deep cleaning of your new place to ensure it’s safe for you, your little ones, or even your pets. One way to make everything feel clean is by having the right scent throughout both homes, like a citrus essential oil. Consider adding a diffuser to your home as you prepare to move to help give both places that extra sense of clean and calm.

Are you planning to sell your old home? Once everything is cleared out, in storage, or at your new place, it’s time to think about staging. Effective staging is all about accentuating the positive attributes of your home, giving it depth, and helping prospective buyers see their future in the house. To accomplish this, you’ll want to consider special staging decor that isn’t your normal decorations. Try to keep it simple, elegant, and just enough to give the house a sense that it’s not abandoned. Effectively staged homes tend to sell quickly and usually for more, so it’s worth the small investment.

Make your moving easier by taking advantage of the moving starter packs. These are some of the most commonly purchased moving supplies as you work through the moving process. There’s the simple Mover Start Pack, which takes care of a lot of your boxes and packing materials. Be prepared for bumps and bruises with the Mover Safe and Sound Kit. Get everything you need to hang your pictures and decorations with the Hang-It-All-Up Kit. Make sure you’re ready to light up your new home and get the important appliances working with the Mover Power-Up Kit. Have your new bathroom ready to use when you move in by ordering the Mover Bathroom 101 Set. Finally, help your friends and family know what you may need for your new home by creating a housewarming registry.