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Sleepaway Camp

Summer sleepaway camp: a time for new friends, fun in the sun, friendly competition, and fireside ghost stories. Summer camp can be a magical time for a child—one that they may even remember for the rest of their lives. So, before you drop them off at camp, make sure your kids have all the sleepaway camp supplies they will need to have a safe, fun, and educational camp experience.

Bedding and Décor
Everyone knows the sleeping arrangements at overnight camps are not exactly luxurious. For the first night or two, the rustic living conditions may seem charming, but there is no charm in a restless, uncomfortable sleep after a long day of camp activities. Send the kids to camp with sleepaway camp bedding in their favorite color with the Benzoyl Peroxide-Resistant Microfiber Sheet Set. With these sheets, your campers sleep comfortably in style, and you can rest assured that the sheets will come back with the same vibrant colors they started with. Also, check out the Plush Backrest Pillow, perfect for writing letters home or late-night chat sessions.

Bath & Personal Care
It can be tough to keep your bath and personal care items neat and organized when you are sharing a bathroom away from home. A great way to keep all the shampoo, body wash, brushes, and deodorant together is by using a shower tote. The Mesh Shower Tote has plenty of compartments for the shower and bath necessities, plus it easily collapses to save space in the suitcase.

Storage & Organization
When you are living out of a suitcase for several days, it’s important that the suitcase is organized. And when you are sharing a room with several others, it’s also important that the suitcase is space-efficient. The key to saving space when away from home is getting creative and maximizing the space in unexpected ways. To make the most of the space under the bed, for example, consider lightweight storage boxes like the Household Essentials Collapsible Storage Boxes (Set of 2). And don’t forget about hanging space solutions like the Studio 3B Spinning Closet Organizer. This organizer can work in the closet or even when hung on the side of bunk beds.

With the right supplies from Bed Bath & Beyond, you can send your child to overnight summer camp with confidence. Sign up for our coupons to get great deals on sleepaway camp products. Our products have it all—affordability, style, and practicality—so parents can have peace of mind and children can make lifelong memories.


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